About Me

gardens - Version 2

20-something living in Louisville. Passionate about Christ, hospitality, and classic style.

I love helping people make their lives more beautiful- through planning a lovely event, chatting with them about life over coffee, or pointing them to Jesus.

I married my husband Scott on July 11, 2014. He’s a full-time seminary student and is studying at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary before entering the Navy Chaplain Corps. We welcomed our first child, Allie Rebecca Cope, in September 2015!

I believe in blogging authentically- read more about that here.

Send me an email at thissideofparadiseblog@gmail.com – I’d love to hear from you!


Why This Side of Paradise?

Two reasons. One,  I love how it evokes Fitzgerald and the beautiful prose of the jazz age.

Two, I truly believe we are living on this side of paradise. Or rather, in between two paradises: the garden of eden (genesis 2:8)  and the new heaven and new earth (revelation 21:1). This world isn’t perfect, but by God’s grace I’m living to enjoy each sweet moment, looking forward to the day faith is turned to sight.

Interested in learning more about my thoughts on the meaning of life? Check out this website: http://bit.ly/11yyVJe


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