Gameday Belles Boutique

IMG_9811My alma mater doesn’t have a football team. I’ve never been a big fan of sports, but I love the idea going to a big state school down South and getting dressed up for tailgating. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out these pictures to give you an idea. If you do happen to go to a big university, or you just love cute dresses, I am so excited to share Gameday Belles Boutique with you!

A few of my favorites are the Alyson dress, the Alice dress, the Caroline dress, and the Camille dress (featured in this post!) There’s a variety of dresses and tops so I’m sure you’ll be able to find your school’s colors.

My favorite thing about the Camille dress (other than the beautiful color and the scallop detail!) is how versatile it is – you can dress it up or down and it goes perfectly with statement necklaces, scarves, or a fitted blazer. I styled it for a gameday look with cowboy boots, a casual look with a scarf and Jacks, and a dressier look with wedges. I’d love to hear which one is your favorite, as well as your favorite Gameday Belles item in the comments!

Gameday Look

IMG_9921v1IMG_9879v1IMG_9930v1-2IMG_9934IMG_9842.jpgDress- Gameday Belles Boutique (c/o), Necklace- Etsy, Earrings- H&M, Boots- Cavendar’s

Casual Look



Dress- Gameday Belles Boutique (c/o), Scarf- Lilly Pulitzer, Clutch- Pink Azalea, Shoes- Jack Rogers, Bracelet- Lily & Laura, Earrings- H&M

Dressy Look

IMG_9820.jpgIMG_9764IMG_9757v1IMG_9821Dress- Gameday Belles Boutique (c/o), Necklace- J.Crew, Shoes- Payless, Earrings- Macy’s, Bag- Marley Lilly, Phone case- Target

Baby Shower for Allie


Recently my college friends threw a baby shower for me. I absolutely loved it, and a huge thanks to my sorority Gbig Lauren and best friend Emily for planning it, as well as my college roommate Jenn for being amazing with the food!


Can we talk about how cute the decor is? I love pink and green and wore my Lilly for Target dress (read about how I snagged it here) to go with the decor. The food was themed around popular children’s books, and it seemed everywhere I turned there was a fun detail: a candy bar, cupcake floral bunches, a “pregatini” bar, and beautiful flowers.

baby-shower-3 baby-shower-5 baby-shower-6 baby-shower-7 baby-shower-8
baby-shower-10 baby-shower-11 baby-shower-12 IMG_6958


We played several games: Guess the person based on their baby photo, try to “break your water” by getting your plastic baby in ice to melt first, and identify the baby food by its taste (this last one made for some fun pictures!)

baby-shower-15 baby-shower-16 baby-shower-17 baby-shower-18

My mom came up for the shower and my sister-in-law who lives in DC also came. It was really great having family there! I got such sweet gifts, and I’m sure I will put them all to good use once Allie arrives in about a month!


baby-shower-21 baby-shower-22 baby-shower-23 baby-shower-25 baby-shower-26 baby-shower-26 baby-shower-27

Friday Roundup: Links I Love

fridayroundup Many of the blogs I read have a “Friday Five” or “Weekend Roundup” type of thing where they post links they’ve found interesting from around the internet. I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but I thought it would be fun to feature! Regular post on the blog? Maybe, maybe not. What are your all’s thoughts? Here are some of my favorite links:

1. Micellar water for face wash micellarwater 2. Encouragement for anyone suffering with migraines, anxiety, or depression DR-CandiceHackett 3. A devo from She Reads Truth on self-control SRT_selfcontrol 4. This new Lilly print lillyprint 5. These freezer sandwiches– I’ve been making them with turkey sausage and Scott and I love them! freezersand 6. A much better graduation speech than any I’ve heard ( you know the, “follow your dreams” type) Road 7. The happiest countries in the world (why do they have to be so cold??)


8. This WSJ article on J.Crew’s slump as of late  


9. A Glitter Guide interview with a wedding planning duo– talk about dream job!

GG_goinglovely10. This personality quiz and chart with strengths and weaknesses. Similar to Meyers-Briggs (any other ISFJs out there?) For this one, I am such a golden retriever!


(Image via Pinterest)

Coffee Date & NYC roundup


Relaxing and reading wedding magazines

Happy spring! Today in DC the high is 91…so maybe happy summer? Here’s the “highlight reel” of what I’ve been up to the past few months:

I help out with Alex Meyer Events, and my first wedding was for wedding photographer Kimmie Barkley and Andrew Denn. They are such a cute, Christian couple (check out their amazing engagement photos here) and I was so happy to be able to help out with their wedding day!

I loved doing the greenery arrangements!


How gorgeous is this escort card display?!

I recently won a Lilly for Target giveaway by blogger Petite in Pearls! I was so thrilled, especially since the collection sold out in like, 20 seconds…


Speaking of Lilly for Target, I have my own very sad-turned-sweet story. The collection was released on a Sunday, and I went to church in the morning, expecting to stop by my local Target in the afternoon. Ha. When I got out of church I realized that pretty much everything was sold out, even in stores 45 minutes away. I didn’t really mind, because I figured I’d just wait until they restocked. Then I started reading news articles that revealed they were not restocking…what?!!!? One of my friends’ sisters wrote this article, which pretty much summed up my feelings. I decided to go to the local consignment boutique and buy a baby Lilly dress for Allie that I had seen there earlier for $20. Guess what? It was gone. Totally disappointed at this point, I decided to go to Target and buy myself some lipstick and hope I might find some looked-over Lilly hairbands in the beauty aisle. I happened to stop by the maternity section to see if they had any shorts. And there, in a return rack in the maternity section, was a bright green dress. Could it be?? I quickly snatched it off the rack and rushed it off to the dressing room. I had found a Lilly for Target dress!!! It was a medium and a loose fitting dress, which meant that it was perfect for a maternity dress! I could not have been more excited!


This pretty much sums up my feelings


So thrilled to find a Lilly dress that also worked for maternity!

Some other updates:

I’ve had more time to read lately. Definitely recommend this book!

Pink lemonade hand scrub for my upcoming Etsy shop that’s in the works!

Letter writing to friends

Free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s with Scott. PSA: today is free cone day at Haagen Dazs from 4-8, so definitely hit that up!

Loved the blooming forsythia outside our apartment, so I clipped some for our bathroom!

Easter decor for our apartment

Last weekend, I was in New York City. The family I nanny for had a banquet Thursday night where I watched the baby, but I had a free afternoon on Thursday and most of Friday to explore the city. I am not a New York fan (I feel like you either love or hate the city)- I much prefer Southern cities like Alexandria or Charleston, but I made the most of it and managed to have a good time!


My room at the Park Lane Hotel


View from my window


Starting off the day in NYC!


Beautiful hydrangeas outside the Plaza

My hotel was right by Central Park, so I spent Thursday exploring the park and going to the zoo- it’s pretty small but was really fun!





How cute is this little guy? I love red pandas! Our DC red panda Rusty made the news a few years ago when he escaped and was running around local neighborhoods


View from the Central Park Zoo

Friday morning I went to a women’s Bible study at Redeemer Presbyterian Church (lead pastor is Tim Keller). The ladies were so nice and invited me to have lunch with them! After lunch, I went to the Upper East Side to walk around some shops and get a manicure. I rarely get my nails done (once a year, at most) so this was a fun treat for me!



Before heading back to Penn station to catch my train, I went to the Sprinkles ATM. It was so cute and fun!


Red velvet!


When I arrived at Union Station, I was so happy to be back in DC!

Lilly on a Rainy Day & Life Update

_MG_6085 The March quote in my Lilly Pulitzer planner says “Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring!” And I have definitely been doing that. I am so tired of seeing black and gray everywhere, and am really excited for warm weather and the bright colors it brings. So even on a rainy evening, Lilly brightens my mood. _MG_6157edit _MG_6166edit _MG_6168 _MG_6151 _MG_6144edit Dress and Scarf- Lilly Pulitzer // Earrings- Brighton // Boots- Cavender’s // Gold bangles- Juicy Couture // Turquoise bracelet and belt- Target // Clutch – The Pink Azalea  _MG_6149 I absolutely love this clutch! It still has my old monogram, which my husband lightheartedly complains about, but I’ve told him he’s free to buy me a new one! Side note: All my Lilly items I’ve bought during their huge end of summer sale. I’m not about to pay hundreds of dollars for a dress, no matter how pretty it is! Also, can we talk about the Lilly for Target collaboration for a sec? I am SO excited!! The lookbook is already available online- and there’s so many cute things for under $50! You know online is going to be crazy the morning of April 19, so set up an account now and start saving your favorite items (clicking the heart next to the picture). Honestly, you might have better luck in stores, especially if you live a safe distance from a college campus!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 5.46.00 PM

Lilly for Target

Did you know Lilly has a snapchat account? Follow along at lilly_pulitzer! _MG_6101 Not only is this Lilly scarf beautiful and super comfy (silk and cashmere), it’s also useful for hiding things, like a stain, a food baby, or an actual baby…. IMG_3506 I’m pregnant! That’s an ultrasound picture of Baby Cope at about 11 weeks. The ultrasound was amazing! The baby was waving his/her arms around and jumping up and down! I have an ultrasound scheduled to find out if the baby is a boy or girl in 3 weeks- we are so excited! We have names picked out and will announce them once we find out the gender. I’m in the second trimester now, and feeling so much better. First trimester was really rough with migraines and nausea (and don’t even get me started on pregnancy acne…) but I have left most of that behind. I’ve just taken a nannying job for two girls, 4 months and 6 months, and am learning so much about what it’s like to take care of an infant! I’m not sure exactly what this means for the future of the blog, but I definitely don’t want it to turn into a “mommy blog”. I think I’ll just keep posting fashion (Target has some majorly cute maternity clothes) and lifestyle updates (baby-related and non-baby) and let the blog develop as it will!