Farmhouse Favorites

I love Fixer Upper. It’s one of my favorite shows to watch, not just for the drastic before and after shots, but also because Joanna Gaines has an amazing decorating style. If you’ve been on Pinterest in the past year, your feed has probably been full of “farmhouse” style pins. Think striped towels, galvanized tins, white ceramic, wrought iron, rustic wood, and lots of neutral fabrics.

I don’t think I would want to decorate my whole house in all-out farmhouse style, but I love adding touches here and there. Of course, there’s the official Fixer Upper Magnolia Market to buy farmhouse decor, but my go-to affordable stores are Ikea, Target, and Etsy. Here are a few of my favorite picks:


Pitcher // Mail holder // Laundry hamper // Thankful sign // Dish Towels // Wreath and shutter // French ticking pillow


Winter Classics

Thankfully it’s been a mild winter in DC, but I can’t help but miss the beautiful hues of autumn. While I took these photos in late fall, this outfit features classics that work year round: black tee, pearls, dark wash jeans, and a simple heel. And in these dreary winer days, it’s easy to add some red lipstick or a pretty headband to jazz up your look!



Top- Target // Jeans- J.Crew // Shoes- Payless // Necklace- Etsy // Earrings- H&M // Tote- Sole Society // Nail Polish- Essie, No Place Like Chrome

We had a busy holiday season, and things haven’t slowed down much. The blog is on the back burner right now (between being a wife, new mom, working full time, church events, spending time with friends…who has time to blog?), so I’m not making any promises about regular posts, but will try to update every now and then. I keep reminding myself that this is just a season and the blog is a hobby, so there’s no need feel guilty! I’m hoping to a “coffee date” update soon. Until then, stay warm and enjoy the snow if you have it!

Bump Style: Floral Print


Lemme take a minute to talk about how awesome my church family is. A few weeks ago, we had an ink pen explode in the dryer and get large black splotches all over the whites and colors (mostly my clothes, as Scott’s tend to be in the dark wash). While I’m hoping I can salvage at least some by dyeing them navy, in the meantime many of my stretchy dresses and skirts (aka maternity clothes) were ruined. I put out an email on the women’s listserv at church asking if anyone had summer maternity clothes I could borrow, and I now have a much larger maternity wardrobe than I ever expected! So thankful for our local body of Christ here in Del Ray.



This dress is borrowed from a woman at church, and I love it! While the colors tend more towards fall, I think it works great for a summer evening as well.







Dress- Target // Earrings- Target // Bracelets- Forever 21 // Bag- From trip to Italy // Sunglasses- LOFT

This weekend, Scott and I are moving (but literally just down the street!) We are so excited to have an apartment that has a dishwasher, disposal, washer-dryer, and (perhaps the best of all with the summer heat) an AC unit in the bedroom! After months of searching, we finally found a place just down the street that’s actually cheaper than our current rent- such a godsend! While I’m not looking forward to unpacking, I am looking forward to decorating! I’m hoping to do a home one-bedroom apartment tour/a DIY decorating feature on the blog soon!

Bump Style: Rose Garden at Twilight


Dress- Kohl’s // Sandals- Target (similar here) // Nail Polish- Essie // Tote- Sole Society // Necklace- Modcloth // Studs- H&M


Wanna know a secret? This dress is technically a nightgown…but basically in name only. My mom gave me money to buy a pregnancy nightgown, and I picked this one out from Kohl’s. I was absolutely thrilled when it came in and it was just like dress! Whether I’m wearing it as a nightgown or as a dress, it is so comfy and definitely one of my favorite maternity pieces.



I love this necklace, and I recently re-discovered it in my closet the other day. Working as a nanny and having a much more limited (pregnant) wardrobe, I haven’t been reaching for my statement jewelry- just going with my good old pearl earring standbys. I had forgotten how many pretty necklaces I have, and no matter how far along I am, they still fit! I’m looking forward to incorporating more accessories into my maternity wardrobe to make it more stylish.




This tote bag is my absolute favorite. Reversible leather totes have become incredibly popular with a variety of stores selling them, but the most affordable one I’ve found is from Sole Society. I love how it’s a catch-all, Mary Poppins-type bag and works for casual occasions as well as functioning as a work bag.

rosegarden13   rosegarden7

I start third trimester next week, which is crazy! I feel like second trimester flew by (while first trimester seemed to drag on). While I’m not looking forward to feeling huge and more frequent backaches, I am excited about getting closer to meeting Allie!

Lilly on a Rainy Day & Life Update

_MG_6085 The March quote in my Lilly Pulitzer planner says “Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring!” And I have definitely been doing that. I am so tired of seeing black and gray everywhere, and am really excited for warm weather and the bright colors it brings. So even on a rainy evening, Lilly brightens my mood. _MG_6157edit _MG_6166edit _MG_6168 _MG_6151 _MG_6144edit Dress and Scarf- Lilly Pulitzer // Earrings- Brighton // Boots- Cavender’s // Gold bangles- Juicy Couture // Turquoise bracelet and belt- Target // Clutch – The Pink Azalea  _MG_6149 I absolutely love this clutch! It still has my old monogram, which my husband lightheartedly complains about, but I’ve told him he’s free to buy me a new one! Side note: All my Lilly items I’ve bought during their huge end of summer sale. I’m not about to pay hundreds of dollars for a dress, no matter how pretty it is! Also, can we talk about the Lilly for Target collaboration for a sec? I am SO excited!! The lookbook is already available online- and there’s so many cute things for under $50! You know online is going to be crazy the morning of April 19, so set up an account now and start saving your favorite items (clicking the heart next to the picture). Honestly, you might have better luck in stores, especially if you live a safe distance from a college campus!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 5.46.00 PM

Lilly for Target

Did you know Lilly has a snapchat account? Follow along at lilly_pulitzer! _MG_6101 Not only is this Lilly scarf beautiful and super comfy (silk and cashmere), it’s also useful for hiding things, like a stain, a food baby, or an actual baby…. IMG_3506 I’m pregnant! That’s an ultrasound picture of Baby Cope at about 11 weeks. The ultrasound was amazing! The baby was waving his/her arms around and jumping up and down! I have an ultrasound scheduled to find out if the baby is a boy or girl in 3 weeks- we are so excited! We have names picked out and will announce them once we find out the gender. I’m in the second trimester now, and feeling so much better. First trimester was really rough with migraines and nausea (and don’t even get me started on pregnancy acne…) but I have left most of that behind. I’ve just taken a nannying job for two girls, 4 months and 6 months, and am learning so much about what it’s like to take care of an infant! I’m not sure exactly what this means for the future of the blog, but I definitely don’t want it to turn into a “mommy blog”. I think I’ll just keep posting fashion (Target has some majorly cute maternity clothes) and lifestyle updates (baby-related and non-baby) and let the blog develop as it will!